Zodiac Signs – Pisces

Zodiac Signs – Pisces

Are you compatible with a Leo man? And, just what is so special about those born under the sign of Leo, anyway? Ladies, the Leo man in love is demanding! He wants your attention, your companionship, and your fidelity. Leo people are passionately romantic, and they love all those classic romantic things — moonlight, candles, flowers, and perfume. A Leo man in love with you is sure to shower you with romantic gifts like no other guy — just remember, he wants you to be his one and only. If you are an Aquarius, or a fellow Leo, then you may get along alright with a Leo man. Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, and Pisces women would do better looking for signs that are more compatible with them! A Leo man in love is a strong willed person. Although he is a wonderful gift giver and loves to keep his lady looking good, he has a tendency to be dominant.

Pisces Love

He is an intellectual, always seeking more information and knowledge. Bright, quick-witted, and mercurial, the Gemini man is many things but he is never boring. Symbolized by the Twins, a Gemini is both Master Jekyll and Mister Hyde, a mix of suave gentleman and salt-of-the-earth. The Gemini man can see both sides of any issue, and possesses an extremely balanced opinion on topics ranging from the mundane to the controversial.

This other side of the coin approach also means that the Gemini man often finds it hard to make up his mind.

Gemini men are sweet talking creatures whose personality can change on a whim. To attract the Gemini man, you will need to first stimulate his mind with fun, exciting, and .

Astrological Soulmates Gemini Man and Pisces Woman A relationship between a Gemini man and a Pisces woman can do both of them a lot of good — or it can rapidly turn into a nightmare. This is one of those relationships which could go either way. A Shared Mutable Outlook The good news is that both Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs , so the Gemini man and the Pisces woman will try very hard to understand each other.

Their hearts are in the right place, and both partners genuinely want this to work. The Pisces woman feels every so deeply; she is such a sensitive soul that the slightest thing can transport her to heaven or hell and back again. The Gemini man is mystified by this — although he can suffer with nervous tension, such depth of feeling is alien to him. Gemini man Pisces woman compatibility relies on both partners trying to meet somewhere in the middle of this emotional map.

The Gemini man must try to get in touch with his deeper feelings and the Pisces woman must try to calm down her sensitivities a little.

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces Pisces Woman Everyone likes to stare a Pisces lady, do you also? Let your heart beat for a Pisces girl, but why? Read here what qualities of a Pisces woman stand her apart from other ladies-her traits, nature and much more. Living with a Pisces woman is like living on heaven. A lovely wise lady of Pisces sign truly mesmerizes everyone.

Her beauty is so spellbound that each boy wants to have her in his life.

Gemini men like to always be on the lookout for adventure where they can find it and can find his Leo woman a bit boring if she settles into a routine too much. If she finds she just isn’t into seeking adventure as much as her Gemini mate; she needs to learn to have trust .

Pisces men may never seem entirely at ease as a result of these pulling forces. The Pisces man is intuitive to the extreme and possesses superb intuitions. He is quick to take on the problems of others and has a hard time saying no, even when he should. Not quick to judge nor judging on outward appearances, Pisces looks into the soul of a person to see who he or she truly is. A Pisces man is warm hearted, caring, and deeply sensitive. He is a true charmer, full of charisma. The Pisces man is a true romantic in every sense of the word.

He likes to make a woman’s dreams come true; lavishing her with everything her dreams are made of; unfortunately he usually doesn’t have the financial means to do so. Pisces men are often unsuccessful in career ambitions as they look for the easy way to do things, not realizing there is no easy way.

Leo man and Pisces woman

They have a lot of plus points to be shared between them like intellect and flexibility. These two people have the potential to meet and satisfy each other’s needs but they need to have their love and tolerance in check. The Pisces man can be said to be a typical gentleman with positive traits. He is someone who doesn’t worry much usually goes with the flow of life.

Pisces woman/Gemini man At times he wants fun, laughter, conversation and wine, at others he’ll disappear from her bed at dawn when he’s on some secret mission. She’ll enjoy those mind games, but she could start to feel resentful when her fantasy world seems to be wasted on him.

He will feel uncertain about this woman and her several personalities, not just at first but always. She will never leave this man bored. At times he will get a little jealous because she gives her attention to everyone so freely. He will just have to get used to this if he is in love with this woman. She is playful and charming girl who cries when people are upset with her, and giggles when she gets her way. It will not be difficult to get her way with this fish.

He is an understanding man for the most part. Although, sometimes it is hard to understand what this woman wants. Patience is where they will have their struggles. She views things through a three dimensional prism seeing all of the different ways she could go in life to and all of different things she could have for breakfast. She can actually, in some very strange way, project multiple emotions at once.

Have you ever seen someone laugh and cry at the same time? That is exactly what I am talking about.

Are you aware of your Moon sign?

Sexual Compatibility Astrology Scorpio and Pisces: A date between Scorpio and Pisces will be a play or the movies. These two zodiac signs love fantasies. Scorpio is passionate about everything. There is a lot of sexuality going on with this lover. Scorpios are emotional and sensitive but forceful.

Introduction to Pisces Men. If you are dating a Pisces man you are in for a bumpy ride. He will love his freedom and like the fish his sign is named after, he could easily be a slippery person to be with.

View Sample Order Now When you both are together: Gemini is an airy and dual sign whereas Pisces is also dual but watery. The relationship will go on well but with many adjustments. Pisces woman is a good listener and docile and Gemini man will take no time to win her by his intense love and passion. She is easily lost in his wits, charms and love. And he also likes to be with her sensitive and feminine nature.

Both are flexible in nature and enjoy with each other but still find something missing between each other. You may tend to interfere in one another’s creative self-expression. There seems to be little matching of thoughts at one level at the same time. Even you both may say the same thing but the way of expression may differ and that may lay the foundation of ego conflict. Since Gemini man is somewhat impatient so he will come out of his expression soon without knowing the impact of it on his partner.

And the Pisces woman – being sensitive in nature will take each and every word very seriously.

Gemini Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

What Is He Like? Physical appearance of the Gemini man Many Gemini men are slender, graceful and dexterous in their movements. They have a beautiful appearance which almost does not decay with age. Even mature Gemini men look youthful. People of this zodiac sign pay much attention to their appearance because it helps them to put on an air of dignity in society.

Dec 09,  · Best Answer: im a gemini woman. and i was i guess seeing/talking to a pisces man for awhile. he wanted a relationship bad. although he was a nice guy to hang around & talk to. i absolutely did NOT want a relationship w. : Resolved.

The Gemini man will get involved deeply, but will disappear from your life as soon as the rough spots start to hit your relationship…as happens with all couples at some point. His involvement is simply not made to last past the glow and fireworks of the initial phases of love. He is fascinated by them, truly interested in what they have to say and what makes them tic. This charming nature is precisely what makes him so successful with women and he needs his daily dose of fun.

You, on the other hand, should be deeply concerned and careful about falling prey in his silken web. Many a woman has initiated a friendship with a seemingly harmless Gemini , only to find herself in his bed without a clue of how she got there to begin with. Gemini Man Traits Restless and active and inclined to be fickle in love.

They are easily bored with you and always want to be in two places at once. Capable of living life in the fast lane, THE homely clingy type will break her heart over him.

Pisces Woman

She easily surrender to his hilarious games and unihibited sexual style. Difficulties could arise though, when she needs to feel totally part of his life, while he wants to be a lone wolf. She might persuade him to save a few whales, but he could be just too interested in making money to be charitable all the time. He’s professionally serious, so if she can keep up with his stamina for success, she’ll be rewarded.

She’ll enjoy those mind games, but she could start to feel resentful when her fantasy world seems to be wasted on him. A great sexual balance between them and they understand each other’s moods and feelings.

I’m a pisces woman who is in love with a Gemini man. We were dating for 6 months when out of nowhere we started fighting. I feel like he’s been talking to someone else, but he denies it.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Leo and Pisces compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Leo man guide and Pisces woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.

I am a Pisces woman with a Leo man, and its been a wonderful experience so far. He gets frustrated because I refuse to share my feelings with him all the time, and I get frustrated when he gets so cocky it becomes inconsiderate, and when he gets himself into debt. But I tell him I’m worried about him, and that’s why I get upset, so he’ll know I’m not just nagging him. Even when we’re fighting, I love the time, because something gets fixed, and he’s a great listener whenever I get in my moods of ranting.

He never forgets to tell me he loves me, and I always return his affections. I’m also aware that I have him tied around my finger, and he admits he’d bend over backwards for me. Praising him for his strength in handling strange predicaments is something that comes in handy when he’s down, or I know he needs the uplifting. So although my sign is the weaker one, I know Pisces can take charge, even over a stronger sign like Leo.

He does get jealous about random things, and holds me on a pedestal, which is exhausting, and he tries to control aspects, but I normally tell him I don’t care, and I like the way something is, and he’ll leave it be.

Gemini Woman – Pisces Man

Strengths and Weaknesses of Pisces Positive Qualities: Poetic, mystical, intuitive, receptive, graceful, imaginative, compassionate, sensitive and romantic Best Quality: Compassion Shadow Darker Side weaknesses: Prone to addiction, escapist, confused, frequent inferior complexes, unrealistic, submissive, indolent, lethargic, self-pitying, lacking boundaries, dependent and codependent The Pisces zodiac sign is compassionate, intuitive, adaptable, impressionable, emotional and changeable.

According to Astrology, both Pisces and Gemini are ruled by duality (two fish & two individuals). This is very attractive to each and therefore there is the initial attraction.

Pisces needs a dominant partner of role model in their life or they will very easily fall into a pit of self-pity and self-undoing. When they are independent and inspired by life’s events, their creativity comes shining through but they are unable to be on their own for long before they start dreaming in their imaginary world of happy people and happy endings. They need other people to keep them grounded and on the right track. Pisces will go out of their way to help a friend.

They are extremely sensitive and loyal. They will take a friend’s problem and make it their own and suffer with them. This is the weak spot but any friend of this zodiac sign should know that although they are attracted to people with severe problems who desperately need help, this actually does more harm them good.

Even though they will offer to make everything right, do not allow them to take on all your problems because they will lose their identity in your situation. They need a strong positive friend to make them strong. They like adventure, new situation and social events. A Pisces friend will always have something exciting in mind and it is a very fulfilling, long lasting friendship. Pisces does not take well to a position of leadership or high business person, they are too sensitive and lacking in self-discipline and lacking self-confidence for a positions such as that.

They are extremely creative and can use their skills of creativity and their understanding of people to inspire others.

Gemini Woman Pisces Man

He is attracted to anything stress free and without a competitive edge because he hates restriction but on the other hand, he is also attracted to things that stir his emotions, including women. Offten notorious for choosing the wrong woman, he tends to be unlucky in love and have dating relationships full of peril. When confronted with complicated issues, he tends to retreat into his dream world and wears his “rose colored glasses”. This is why he can be very temperamental and pretend there is nothing wrong when your relationship is on rocky ground.

When life is not going so well, he can be very hard on himself and very self destructive so it is better for him to live in denial. The Pisces male needs a firm, strong woman to guide him because he is very indecisive and is known for sitting on the fence.

A Pisces woman in love is angelic and mesmerizing; no man on earth can avoid that native mystery which she holds. Her bottomless eyes can look deep into you and see things that are beyond your imagination. Pisces women in love are not usually talkative.

There are a few things this couple should know in order to be successful in a lasting relationship. The two signs are at right angles in the Zodiac, which means that this can be a challenging match. These challenges can be overcome with patience, and understanding, but you will both need to be committed in order for it to work between you. Pisces processes things differently than Gemini does. While Gemini, an air sign, is more concerned with matters of the mind; Pisces, a water sign, is more concerned with emotional matters.

This can lead to miscommunication between you. Though Pisces likes social settings and conversation, much of the way you see and understand the world is nonverbal. This is a direct reflection of the way Pisces is most comfortable communicating. Gemini needs to understand this, because they are naturally not as receptive to that kind of interaction.

Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

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