Costume Jewelry Designers & Company Information

Costume Jewelry Designers & Company Information

This is the earliest signature plaque, used primarily in but are still in Haskell’s inventory today. Haskell soldered the design plaques onto the filigree backs long before they were used on a piece of jewelry, using whichever one horseshoe or oval that fit best on the backing. Then, when jewelry was made, a piece with the applied plaque was used based on fit. Apparently the horseshoe was discontinued because it bent too easily when being soldered onto the backs. Use started in approximately Easily detached and reused on jewelry that is not Haskell, so identification of a piece should also rely on other factors such as beads, findings, etc. Later oval hangtags were flat on the backs, an indication that the jewelry was made starting in or so to present. The top shows an incorrect dove or one that was being considered as a finding, but not used and the bottom shows the commonly used dove configuration. According to Millie Petronzio, the lower dove was used into the s.

5 Easy Clues for Dating Antique or Vintage Jewelry

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Photo and additional information. Hollow wire or tubing formed by bending a strip of thick flat plate and drawing it through a drawplate until the desired diameter and opening are achieved. For seamless tubing, a metal disk is punched, cupped and finally drawn to the appropriate size. A plain wire ring of any size, usually round or oval in shape, used for attaching jewelry parts. In general, the ends of the wire are bent together, but not soldered. Generally a split ring onto which keys are forced by prying apart the split sections; sometimes made of spring-loaded holders or screw and ball threaded devices.

A wire, formed into a kidney shape, to which dangling earrings are attached. Used in pierced earring applications, it is generally closed, as opposed to a shepherd hook or a fishhook, which remains open. Tubular section that forms part of the hinge on the lid of a box, watch case or locket; the hinge pin fits into the knuckle. An open ring or split ring with two swivels attached, which when used on a neck chain, attached at the swivels, allows for a space from which to hand a pair of eyeglasses.

A springy flat stock wire item formed wide at one end, narrow at the other. It opens inward with thumb pressure and stays closed by the temper of the wire. The polished edge of an item achieved by using a non-yielding surface, such as a stiff felt wheel or a wood wheel.


American Modernist Jewelry, – Click images below to enlarge. All prices include priority shipping within the U. Melissa Finelli says, “There is something so satisfying about moving metal. Through fabrication and forging, I am able to manipulate my materials to create form and space, capturing movement in solid form” Mellissa Fenelli studied technical jewelry making at North Bennett Street School in Boston’s North End.

After making jewelry for some time, she went on to study at the School of the museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her work is in many prestigious galleries and she does major shows throughout the United States.

WGM Henry & Kim Yewon Couple. 10, likes · 2 talking about this. First fanpage about Super Junior Henry and Kim Yewon(former Jewelry member) couple.

AB Finish This iridescent finish used on glass and plastic beads is named after the colorful lights seen in northern skies, the aurora borealis, or AB for short. The finish is also called rainbow. AB beads may be any color and are usually monochromatic and transparent, but they may also be matte or even pearlized, as well as striped or silver-lined. Beads are given an AB finish by passing them through vaporized metal ions.

This process leaves a thin deposit on their surface of tiny metallic particles, which break up light waves into the colors of the spectrum, much as water droplets refract sunlight to create a rainbow. This iridescent play of light causes the underlying color of the beads to shift, sometimes considerably. AB finish is widely used on seed beads and bugles; Czech molded glass beads, both smooth and faceted; plastic plain and fancy shapes; and cut glass crystals. Liu Glass seed beads with AB finish.

Cas Webber Abalone Shell Mother-of-pearl from the nacreous lining of abalone shells has been used to make beads and ornaments since prehistoric times. Abalone is a marine mollusk of the genus Haliotis with worldwide distribution. Species native to California coastal waters produce beautiful blue- and green-hued iridescent nacre. Their shells were traded near the Pacific Ocean and then trekked by foot far inland, to the deserts and high plateaus of the Southwest in pre-Columbian times.

Ideas for One Year Dating Anniversary Gifts

Click here for a close-up of the marks. It is listed as dating from The interior circumference of the bracelet measures 7 inches. There are a few small dents on the raised ball decorations, as seen in the photo.

Find this Pin and more on Vintage Jewelry – dating by Kathy Schmocker. Mary Jane Russell in Vogue — Mary Jane Russell was an American model wo worked throughout the and She featured on many Vogue and Harpers Bazaar covers and was often photographed by Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Irving Penn.

Date and Value Tips! To wear and enjoy a beautiful piece of antique and vintage jewelry with history can be a wonderful, exhilarating experience. For many it is an addictive hobby. The more you collect, the more you want to collect! The difference between a collector and the Jewelry Investor But when buying these jewels of yesterday, how can you invest money in jewelry antique and be certain that what you are buying is authentic and not relatively new and worth its claimed value?

The following date and value tips will help. From my experience, one of the best date and value tips, is to buy from reputable dealers who guarantee their items. When looking at a piece, examine it carefully both front and back. A genuinely old piece will have all the ingredients to confirm its authenticity. Many jewelry styles do tend to overlap so always check the entire piece for clues. One of the most obvious date and value tips is antique jewelry marks.

Is the piece signed, hallmarked? Surprisingly enough, a lot of antique jewelry was marked in the most unusual of places so check along the edges, inside of the bale, the pin stem and even on the back of the pin stem!

Date and Value Tips!

April 1, Marcasite Jewelry is like any other jewelry in that it can either be high end or very low end. There is even two types of jewelry that can be confused with Marcasite. Knowing a bit more about it will permit you to make better choices when a piece catches your eye. So, what is Marcasite? Not to get too technical, but it is actually not Marcasite at all, but pyrite. That is what pyrite is and that is what is used to make this phenomenal jewelry known as Marcasite.

Mar 15,  · Learn how to date jewelry by looking at findings. For more information we refer you to:

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According to Vintage Jewelry Lane: Cameos can come in the form of a pin, necklace, brooch, ring or bracelet. Cameos have been in existence since ancient times; a cameo made from agate, dated from around B. The Victorian era saw a renewed interest in classics and many cameos from that time featured Greek gods and goddesses from mythology. In order to identify an antique cameo, a jeweler’s loupe is needed to closely examine the cameo to date it and also to tell if it’s fake.

Stylish hot-sale American rhinestone jewelry sets dating or daily costume jewelry sets Jewelry umber HD Jewelry aterial Alloy Main stone Crystal, Rhinestone, Resin Jewelry Plating Silver plating Plating thickness 3layer plating, copper base plating, gold plating, protetion layer plating.

Whether updating a collection, searching for information about a family heirloom, or assisting a colleague or customer, dating a piece of vintage costume jewelry can present a challenge. Less familiar primary sources such as patents and copyrights, books about specific companies, and period advertisements also provide a wealth of information to assist with dating. For this article, examples from the mid-twentieth century will be provided, though the techniques and tools described here could be used for dating jewelry from other periods.

After Trifari won a court case in for copyright infringement, patenting these types of designs was widely discontinued and replaced by the less-expensive process of design copyrighting. It is obvious that Trifari and Coro patent information can be used to date pieces of their manufacture. However, this information can also be used to assist with dating jewelry made by other companies.

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Considering how the values of older Haskells have escalated, the time would be well spent. The first tool is to invest in and read good books. Additional examples of Miriam Haskell can be found in many Costume jewelry books written by well respected authorities such as Harrice Miller, author of “Costume Jewelry: Identification and Price Guide,” and other recently published books.

Other examples may be found in vintage magazines and advertisements. The second tool is learning to use your eyes to compare.

Feb 17,  · The invention of different earring findings will help date your jewelry. Jewelry findings are ready made pieces that jewelers use such as clasps, pin stems, hinges, etc. Fittings refer to the parts that can be custom-made for a s:

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Jewelry History

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